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If you’re in need of Apple repairs for your MacBook, iMac, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch, choose Infinite Loop for a fast, cost-effective and reliable solution. With our free diagnostic service, free collection and return, expert repairs and twelve-month warranty, you can rest assured that your device is in good hands.

Book your Apple repair today and experience the difference that we can make.

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Apple Repair: Why Choose Infinite Loop?

When it comes to Apple repairs, you want to make sure that you’re choosing a reliable and trustworthy company that will get your device fixed quickly and efficiently. That’s why choosing Infinite Loop – based in the heart of Birmingham – is the fastest way to get all your Apple products repaired.

We’ve been saving Apple users time and money for over 30 years with our unmatched customer service.


Don’t just take our word for it, we have over 300 reviews on TrustPilot & Google

iPhone repair

Free Diagnostic Service

At Infinite Loop, we offer a free diagnostic service to all of our customers. And, if we can’t fix your device, you won’t have to pay. This means that you can accurately assess what’s wrong with your device without having to worry about paying a fortune for something that can’t be fixed.

Nationwide Collection and Delivery

Whether you’re located in Birmingham or Bangor, we can collect your Apple device and send it back to you once it’s fixed. And the best part? Both our collection and delivery services are completely free of charge.

Affordable Prices

The Apple Store often sends logic-board and graphics-card repairs to a central hub, which can take weeks and prove very expensive. Not to mention, Apple only agrees to fix devices that haven’t been fixed by third parties. We have the expertise to fix any issue in-house, whether you’ve come to us before or not, resulting in a faster and more cost-effective solution for you. Apple only repair machines of a certain age, classifying anything older as ‘vintage’ we can fix any Mac, even ones from the early 90’s

Apple MacBook Repair
MacBook Repairs

Fast Turnaround

We know how important your Apple device is to you, so we strive to complete all repairs as quickly as possible. With us, you can expect a fast turnaround, so you can get back to using your device at your own leisure. 95% of repairs are completed within 5 working days after work has been approved. We also have express options available for those in a hurry!

Interest-Free Payment Plan

If you need to repair your Apple device but don’t want to pay for it all at once, we offer an interest-free payment plan that allows you to spread the cost of your repair over 3 months that suits you.

Twelve-Month Warranty

All repairs completed by Infinite Loop come with a full twelve-month warranty, which is nine months longer than Apple repairs. And if you want even more peace of mind, you can extend your warranty for up to three years

MacBook Diagnostic
Apple product repairs

Apple Product Repair: What Type of Apple Products do we Repair?

From iPhone screen repairs to quick MacBook Air fixes, we can repair a wide array of Apple products. With such an extensive portfolio of products available, it’s understandable to question what type of Apple products we can actually repair. The short answer is – all of them, if it has an Apple badge, we can repair it.
A detailed list of Apple products that we repair can be found below.

iPhone Repair

From Apple screen repairs to battery replacements, we can repair any issue you’re experiencing with your iPhone for any model that falls within the below categories:

  • iPhone 5 repair
  • iPhone 6 repair
  • iPhone 7 repair
  • iPhone 8 repair
  • iPhone X repair
  • iPhone XR repair
  • iPhone XS repair
  • iPhone 11 repair
  • iPhone 12 repair
  • iPhone 13 repair
  • iPhone 14 repair
iPhone Repairs
Apple Repairs

MacBook Repair

We can sort logic boards, replace graphic cards, screens and fix other internal damages that you may be experiencing with your MacBook such as liquid damage. Indeed, we have the expertise required to get it back to working like new. Models that we can fix include:

iPad Repairs:

Whether you need a battery replacement or a screen replacement for your iPad, Infinite Loop has got you covered. Our technicians are experts in iPad and iPad Air repairs and can get your device back to working like new in no time.

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iPad Repairs
iPod repairs & Upgrades

iPod Repairs & Upgrades

nfinite Loops stands as a beacon for iPod enthusiasts seeking to rejuvenate their cherished iPods. Recognising the sentimental and functional value that iPods hold for many, Infinite Loop offers a specialised repair and upgrade service tailored to breathe new life into these classic devices. Whether it’s a battered screen, a failing battery, or a desire to modernise with a solid-state drive, the expert technicians at Infinite Loop possess the skills and passion to cater to every need. By merging modern technology with iconic design, Infinite Loop ensures that the iPod’s legacy continues to play on for years to come. Entrust your device with Infinite Loop, and experience a symphony of old memories and new possibilities.

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Repairs We Can Make

Apple products can, unfortunately, suffer from an endless number of problems. That’s why all our technicians have years of experience and the ability to fix almost any problem. And if there’s no fix, there’s no charge.

We can fix:

  • Cracked screens (and general screen replacement)
  • Liquid damage
  • Data recovery
  • SSD upgrades
  • Display problems
  • Operating-system issues
  • Device health check
  • Audio problems
  • Charging or power issues
  • Apple camera repairs
  • Battery replacement
  • General repairs

The time it will take to repair your Apple device will ultimately depend on the issue you are experiencing. Our technicians will always be honest and transparent with you, giving you an estimated timeframe for your repair. Phones can be repaired in as little as an hour, whilst a Mac will generally take 5-7 days from approval of work. However a 24 hour express option is available
If you’re having a problem with your Apple product that’s not listed above, please get in touch, as our team can advise and may still be able to fix your issue. After all, we also offer nationwide collection and delivery, too.

iPhone 5 repair


TotalCare for Total Peace of Mind

More often than not, issues with Apple products – whether hardware or software related –can persist Even after getting problems fixed, you could easily drop your phone on the floor or spill a glass of water over your MacBook, meaning you might be looking at another repair.

That’s why we offer our TotalCare service package, designed to give you the necessary protection with Apple repairs, whenever you need it. Our service is built around you – the Apple user. It includes a 25% discount on parts and up to two hours of telephone or remote support per month, as well as a yearly diagnostics health check on all your devices.

You can secure all these benefits – and more – for just £25 per month, saving you money and time instead of going directly through Apple.