iPod Repairs & Upgrades

At Infinite Loop, we are experts and iPod repairs & upgrades. We understand the how passionate people are about their iPods and the inconvenience it can cause when they require repairs. For over 30 years, we have been the UK’s trusted and established alternative to the Apple store, saving Apple users time and money. When it comes to Apple Watch repairs, we take pride in offering exceptional service, affordability, and convenience. Discover why Infinite Loop is your go-to destination for all your Apple Watch repair needs.

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What iPods Can You Repair Or Upgrade?

We can repair and upgrade most iPods, if it has an Apple logo, chances are we can repair or upgrade it. Whether it be an iPod Nano, Mini, Touch or Classic, we can help. Although it is the Classic we see the most as this was the most versatile iPod. New batteries and SSD are the most popular service.

iPod Repair: Why Choose Infinite Loop?

30 Years of Trusted Experience

With over three decades of experience in the industry, Infinite Loop has established itself as a trusted name in Apple device repairs. Our expertise and knowledge in handling iPod repairs and upgrades ensure that your device is in capable hands.

Our team of experts has been providing exceptional service for over 30 years on all Apple products, ensuring that your device is fixed quickly and efficiently.

Free diagnosis. No fix, no fee. Free shipping. 6 month warranty


Don’t just take our word for it, we have over 340 reviews on TrustPilot & Google

iPod repairs & Upgrades

Quick Turnaround

We know how important your iPodis to your daily life. That’s why we prioritize efficiency and strive to provide a faster turnaround time compared to the Apple store. Our streamlined repair process and dedicated technicians ensure that your device is back in your hands as quickly as possible.

Majority of repairs completed in 7 working days.

Interest-Free Payment Option

If your iPod needs a repair or upgrade, but you don’t want to pay upfront, we’ve got you covered. We offer an interest-free payment plan to help spread the cost of your repairs over a 3 month period.

Nationwide Collection and Delivery

No matter where you’re located in the UK, we can collect and deliver your iPod back to you once it’s repaired, all at no extra cost.

iPod touch repairs and upgrades
iPod touch upgrades
iPod nano repairs and upgrades

Free Diagnostic Evaluation

At Infinite Loop, we offer a free diagnostic evaluation for your iPod and operate a simple system: if there’s no fix, there’s no fee. We won’t charge you a penny as we give our expert opinion on an issue. This way, you can accurately assess the problem with your device without worrying about additional costs.

Six-Month Warranty

All iPod repairs and upgrades completed by Infinite Loop come with a six-month warranty, which is three months longer than the warranty offered by Apple. And, for even more peace of mind, you can extend your warranty for up to three years.

iPod screen repair

Our iPod Repair & Upgrade Services

iPod screens

When your iPod screen is cracked or damaged, Infinite Loop is here to help. Our expert technicians are skilled in providing fast and affordable screen repairs, ensuring your device looks and functions like new. We only use genuine Apple parts to guarantee optimal performance and maintain the integrity of your iPod. With our nationwide collection and return service, you can have your iPod screen repaired without leaving the comfort of your home or office. Additionally, we offer flexible payment options, allowing you to spread the cost over three months with zero interest via Klarna and PayPal

iPod Battery Replacement

Is your iPod battery draining too quickly or failing to hold a charge? Infinite Loop offers swift and reliable battery replacement services to extend the lifespan of your iPod. Our skilled technicians use authentic Apple batteries to ensure optimal performance and longevity. With our convenient nationwide collection and return service, you can have your iPod battery replaced without any hassle. We provide a complimentary diagnosis and assessment to identify any underlying issues and offer the most suitable solution. Just like our screen

iPod hard drive upgrade

Solid State Drive Upgrade

Replacing the iPod’s traditional hard drive with a solid-state drive (SSD) offers several advantages. The most immediate benefit is enhanced durability. Traditional hard drives have moving parts that can fail when subjected to shock or vibration. In contrast, SSDs have no moving parts, making them less prone to physical damage. This robustness ensures the longevity of the iPod, particularly if it’s frequently on the move or used in rigorous environments.

Another significant advantage is speed. SSDs generally provide faster data access and quicker boot-up times than their hard drive counterparts. Users may notice a swifter response when accessing their music or other media. Furthermore, SSDs can consume less power than traditional hard drives, which could lead to improved battery life for the iPod. The combination of increased durability, speed, and potentially longer battery life makes the decision to replace an iPod’s hard drive with an SSD a compelling upgrade for tech enthusiasts and everyday users alike.

Upgrades are available from 64GB to 1TB.

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