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We are on a mission...

We are on a mission to save Apple users money, and help to save the planet while we are at it, by repairing, refurbishing and recycling as many Apple devices as we can.We started our journey 33 years ago, 5 years after Steve Jobs introduced the Mac in 1984. Back then, the hard drive was something we all yearned for. The Mac would only start up if you put a floppy disk in. Wanted to load a program? You’d have to alternate between putting the system and application disks in. Nobody had heard of the World Wide Web – it didn’t exist yet! A Mac Plus and laser printer would set you back £5000, or about £20,000 in today’s money.Infinite Loop are Birminghams trusted and established alternative to the Apple Store, we fix Macs, iPhones and iPads, and we fix them cheaper and faster than Apple 

Located within a mile of the Birmingham Apple Store, we offer a faster and more cost-effective solution for Birmingham’s Apple users.We are passionate about making your Apple devices last longer. Nothing makes us happier than when a customer comes in with a quote for £1000 from the Apple store that we fix for £300.

Meet The Team

The people behind The Infinite Loop:

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Will - Managing Director

Will got into Macs almost by accident. Growing up he loved tech and computers. His first computer was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum – the one with the rubber keys! After leaving school, he got an apprenticeship in an Apple Centre. Apple Centres were franchised businesses as the Apple Stores didn’t exist yet. He then worked for various Apple-centric businesses for the next 13 years, working onsite in most cases with Apple users, installing and supporting Apple equipment. Will says patience is key when attempting to fix a problem. You might want to throw your Apple device out the window, but that doesn’t really help. Every problem has a solution, you just need to work through everything until you find it. Don’t tear your hair out, Will has already done that as you can see.Will heads up the team, providing vision and direction, as well as still getting his hands dirty with telephone support. If you subscribe to TotalCare, chances are you will speak to him at some point.

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Joe - Operations Manager

Joe runs things on a day-to-day basis. If you call or email, chances are you will be dealing with Joe. He manages the repair and purchasing process to ensure you have an outstanding purchasing/repair experience.

He also has green hair and loves the Wolves.

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David - Repair Wizard

David is a true genius. He makes Apple geniuses look like amateurs in comparison. He has over 15 years experience repairing electronics. Few people know what David looks like as he normally has his head in a microscope. He is a true superhero, that’s why he wears a cape. He doesn’t really wear a cape – that was a joke.