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5 Key iMac Solid State Drive Advantages

Apple is known for manufacturing quality computers. Built to last, they continue to run smoothly and efficiently for years, with minimal upkeep. Nevertheless, there’s always room for improvement.

If your current MacBook or iMac is slow or you’re planning on running lots of complex programs for very large files, a solid-state drive could significantly improve your user experience. Likewise, those of you in the market for a refurbished MacBook or iMac will benefit from a machine that has already been upgraded, as it will extend the life of your device for extra peace of mind, in addition to opening the doors to a truly enhanced digital lifestyle and workflow.

What is a solid-state drive? A Definition of SSD.

Sometimes referred to as a solid-state device or solid-state disk, an SSD is a specific type of computer storage that doesn’t spin. Unlike a hard disk drive (HDD) that constantly oscillates, solid-state drives remain in a fixed position as they function.

Because SSDs are immobile, it is much less likely that your memory will be damaged if you drop your MacBook. Moreover, they typically operate using flash-based technology, which essentially means that they are able to retain information even when the power source has been removed.

The lack of moving parts in an SSD also facilitates faster file transfer, among many other significant advantages – some of which are explored below.

Advantages of using iMac solid-state drives

As an expert Apple refurbishment company, we know all there is to know about the benefits of SSD. We’ve put together this list of our top solid-state-drive characteristics, to help you decide if an iMac solid-state drive upgrade is right for you.

1. A faster iMac or MacBook

With average access speeds of anything from 35 to 100 microseconds, SSDs are almost 100 times faster than a hard disk drive. An iMac solid-state drive upgrade therefore means that your iMac or MacBook should start working as soon as you switch it on. You’ll no longer have to wait around for your programs to load and any software you run should operate smoothly, without any freezing or pesky errors.

Another significant benefit of SSD is that transferring and copying large files also becomes a breeze, making your life much more efficient – whether you’re in a constant back and forth with work files or need to be able to send your professional-quality edited videos at the touch of a button.

2. A more durable, reliable machine

We mentioned earlier that no moving parts means less risk of damage with knocks and falls. However, SSDs boast another advantage over HDDs in this respect. HDDs operate using magnetic platters, which makes them more susceptible to wear and tear over time. SSDs, on the other hand, tend to stand the test of time, making this type of storage much more reliable as a result. An iMac solid-state drive upgrade is therefore highly recommended for those of you planning on using your machine on a regular basis.

3. Improved energy efficiency

We keep talking about the benefits of SSDs not having any moving parts – but this minor detail really does make all the difference. Less movement means less energy spent, which is ultimately reflected in your energy bills and/or your battery life. HDDs use way more power than SSDs, so if you’re deliberating between the two, an SSD upgrade is definitely worth the investment. Sustainability is perhaps one of the most surprising solid-state drive advantages.

4. Smaller and lighter

SSDs are available in a variety of sizes – typically 2.5”, 1.8” and 1.0”. This means that they can be fitted into even the smallest of computers. In contrast, HDDs are only available in larger 3.5” and 2.5” size options, making them much more clunky and limiting the possibilities of this type of storage upgrade. Opting for an iMac solid-state drive upgrade therefore proves much more beneficial than sticking with HDD.

5. Less noise

Once again, it’s all down to the moving parts – or lack thereof. As your hard drive or floppy disk continues to spin, it generates heat. Over prolonged periods of use, this can become problematic, causing your iMac or MacBook laptop to overheat. SSDs eliminate this issue all together. And the best part? If your computer isn’t hot, it won’t need the fan, so you can get on with your work or watch that movie in complete peace and quiet!

Who can benefit from an SSD upgrade?

Anyone with an iMac or MacBook would benefit from an SSD upgrade. Whether you’re running a machine that you purchased brand new or are considering purchasing a refurbished desktop computer or laptop device, the benefits of SSD are undeniable. That said, specific groups of users in particular will derive most benefit from an iMac solid-state drive upgrade.


If you’re doing anything creative, you’ll want an SSD. The processing power an iMac solid-state drive upgrade can provide makes a world of difference when it comes to editing videos for social media or even filmmaking and many graphic designers claim they wouldn’t be where they are without SSD storage. Likewise, music producers, data analysts and web developers – and those who do literally anything creative in between – can strengthen their careers and hobbies, all thanks to this logical addition.


Companies that deal with vast amounts of data should consider investing in an iMac solid-state drive upgrade, as this would enable them to access information much more quickly, in addition to facilitating faster file transfers. Plus, anything that helps to back up your data can only be a good thing. Indeed, safety is one of the most significant solid state drive advantages.


Gaming requires a lot of memory and a lot of storage. If you want to play the industry’s latest and don’t want your online play to be rudely interrupted by glitches in your loading speed, an iMac solid-state drive upgrade is the way forward. Improve your load and write features for reliable textures, levels and maps. It’s what all the top console manufacturers have done!

Remote workers

Whether your company allows you to work from home or you’re a true freelancing entrepreneur paving your own way to success, having an SSD should allow you to take your work with you wherever you please, safe in the knowledge that your battery won’t let you down. Those of you who regularly attend out-of-office meetings and presentations should also take note – the benefits of SSD and the solid-state drive advantages mentioned throughout this blog are not just reserved for iMac users.

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