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Sometimes you just want the peace of mind of knowing that there is a friendly expert at the end of the phone to ask all those ‘stupid’ questions you have about your Mac. The thing is, they’re not stupid questions at all! Computers are really quite complicated, and while Macs are easier to use than PCs, they too can sometimes go wrong and be frustrating. So if it’s a case that your email has stopped working, or your web browser quits every time you go to a particular website, our friendly experts are here to help. At Infinite Loop, we pride ourselves in speaking plain English, no techno ‘mumbo jumbo’ here. Our engineers have over 50 years of experience helping Apple users with their Mac problems, so you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

TotalCare provides you with peace of mind, knowing that if you have a problem with your Mac, someone is there to help and able to resolve your issue quickly and efficiently. You get all the benefits below for the low monthly cost of £25.

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Features of Total Care

Everything you need to know about what Total Care covers

Up to 2 hours of telephone or remote support per month

 Priority queue jump for hardware repairs were necessary

25% discount on parts

Reduced call out charges £100 for the first hour and £75 for each subsequent hour. These are normally £180 and £108

 Yearly health check. We will log in to your machine and look for viruses and malware, as well as run diagnostics to check the health of your machine and make sure it is running in tip top condition.

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