• Processor

    • 12 Core CPU 30 Core GPU

      30 Coew £0.00

    • 12 Core Cpu 38 Core GPU

      38 Core £200.00

  • RAM

    • 32GB

      32GB £0.00

    • 64GB

      64GB £400.00

  • Select Storage

    • 512GB

      512 £0.00

    • 1TB

      1TB £200.00

    • 2TB

      2TB £600.00

    • 4TB

      4TB £1,200.00

    • 8TB

      8TB £2,400.00

  • Select Warranty

    • 1 Year Manufacturer

      1 year £0.00

    • 3 Year TotalCare

      3 year £200.00

Total Price £2,099.00

Mac Studio M2 Max

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    Mac Studio M2 Max

    £2,099.00 Inc VAT

    The Mac Studio with M2 Max chip is a power-packed workstation for creatives. It boasts a 12-core CPU, up to 38-core GPU, and up to 96GB of unified memory, enabling superior performance in tasks like 3D rendering, video editing, and machine learning, transforming your workspace into a high-end studio​1​.

    The Mac Studio, equipped with the M2 Max chip, heralds a new era of performance and efficiency for creative professionals. Engineered with a 12-core CPU, up to a 38-core GPU, up to 96GB of unified memory, and a memory bandwidth of 400GB/s, this device has been designed to tackle demanding tasks with ease, delivering a seamless experience to users across a wide range of applications​1​.

    The M2 Max chip, a marvel of Apple’s system on a chip (SoC) architecture, integrates multiple components – the CPU, GPU, I/O, Neural Engine, and more – into a single SoC with unified memory. This innovative design ensures that Mac Studio is not just faster, but also more power-efficient and cooler running, as compared to its predecessors​1​.

    With the M2 Max at its heart, the Mac Studio becomes an indispensable tool for creatives, capable of handling a diverse range of tasks. Whether you are recording your own music, editing a video, or adding effects to a feature-length film, the M2 Max ensures you’re equipped to manage any challenge. It offers up to 1.8x faster CPU performance, up to 3.6x faster GPU performance, and up to 4.4x faster machine learning, enhancing the efficiency of your workflows and reducing the time taken to complete intensive tasks​1​.

    The Mac Studio featuring the M2 Max chip also supports up to 5 displays and offers H.264, HEVC, and ProRes encode and decode capabilities. This translates into a versatile system that can handle heavy multimedia workloads and offer an immersive multi-display setup for a broadened creative canvas​1​.

    In performance tests, the Mac Studio with M2 Max demonstrates significant improvements in a variety of applications, including 3D rendering, video processing, video editing, and code compiling, among others. This demonstrates the versatility and power of the Mac Studio, making it an ideal choice for professionals who require a high-performance machine for their creative endeavors​1​.

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