• Processor

      • 24 Core CPU 60 Core GPU

        60 £0.00

      • 24 Core Cpu 76 Core GPU

        76 £1,000.00

    • RAM

      • 64GB

        64GB £0.00

      • 128GB

        128GB £1,000.00

      • 192GB

        192 £1,600.00

    • Select Storage

      • 1TB

        1TB £0.00

      • 2TB

        2TB £400.00

      • 4TB

        4TB £1,000.00

      • 8TB

        8TB £2,200.00

    • Select Warranty

      • 1 Year Manufacturer

        1 year £0.00

      • 3 Year TotalCare

        3 year £300.00

    Total Price £4,199.00

    Mac Studio M2 Ultra

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    Mac Studio M2 Ultra

    £4,199.00 Inc VAT

    Unleash your creativity with the Mac Studio, powered by the groundbreaking M2 Ultra chip. With a staggering 24-core CPU, up to 76-core GPU, 192GB unified memory, and 800GB/s memory bandwidth, it’s designed to handle the most demanding tasks. The M2 Ultra combines two M2 Max dies, delivering unprecedented performance while maintaining energy efficiency. Whether you’re editing 8K video, rendering complex 3D models, or managing heavy-duty workflows, the Mac Studio with M2 Ultra offers unparalleled power, turning any space into a high-performance studio​1​.

    Unleash unparalleled performance with the Mac Studio featuring the M2 Ultra chip, an absolute game-changer for professionals striving for creative excellence. Its transformative power, housed in an unbelievably compact form, seamlessly integrates into your workspace, making it the ultimate studio-grade tool for every creative professional​1​.

    Dive into the world of lightning-fast processing with the M2 Ultra chip. This boundary-breaking chip harnesses the power of two M2 Max dies fused together through a ground-breaking UltraFusion architecture, delivering a staggering 2.5TB/s of low-latency interprocessor bandwidth. The result is a chip that’s perceived as a single piece of silicon by software, letting you exploit its extraordinary capabilities without any additional effort from your end. With an astounding 134 billion transistors, the M2 Ultra stands as the most potent chip ever deployed in a personal computer​1​.

    The Mac Studio with M2 Ultra doesn’t just deliver on power; it defines industry-leading performance per watt. With up to 24 CPU cores, 76 GPU cores, and 32 Neural Engine cores, it executes an incredible 31.6 trillion operations per second, making it a powerhouse for accelerated machine learning tasks. Whether it’s 3D rendering, video editing, or code compiling, the Mac Studio with M2 Ultra performs at a level that is multiple times faster than its predecessors and competitors​1​.

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