• Repairs

      • Screen Repair £400.00

      • Rear Housing £275.00

      • Battery £70.00

      • Rear Camera £150.00

      • Rear Camera Lens £75.00

      • Front Camera £150.00

      • Charger Port £150.00

      • Speakers & Microphone £150.00

      • Buttons £100.00

      • Data Recovery £250.00

    • Screen Protector

      • Protection Pro is a super thin film that we apply to your screen. Google protection pro by madico for more details . £0.00

      • Yes, protect me £15.00

      • No, I like to live dangerously £0.00

    Total Price £0.00

    iPhone 14 Pro Max Repair

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    iPhone 14 Pro Max Repair

    We are iPhone repair experts, skilled in microchip-level repairs and experienced in resolving complex faults. Our services include original OLED screen repairs for iPhone 14 Pro Max, component level repairs like battery and camera replacements, with an average repair time of 24-48 hours. Screen repairs completed within 1 hour.

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    iPhone 14 Pro Max Repair

    Looking for an iPhone 14 Pro Max Repair?

    At Infinite Loop, we offer premium iPhone 14 Pro Max repairs, bringing your device back to optimal performance swiftly and efficiently. Specialising in the most common repairs like screen and battery replacements, our knowledgeable technicians cater to any issue you might have with your device​.

    Screen repairs and battery replacements, our most sought-after services, are completed within an hour, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine. We use refurbished original screens for replacements, ensuring your device remains genuine and avoids any iOS flags. Similarly, our batteries come from reputable suppliers and are complemented with technology that prevents the OS from flagging the battery as non-genuine. Our commitment to using the best quality parts for repairs reinforces why we confidently offer a 6-month warranty​​.

    With a focus on affordability without compromising on quality, we pride ourselves in offering repair services that rival Apple’s, but at a more reasonable price.

    At Infinite Loop, customer satisfaction is our priority. We understand the inconvenience caused when your iPhone 14 Pro Max is out of commission, which is why we offer fast and reliable services, backed by a free diagnosis and shipping service. So, why wait? Contact us today and get your iPhone 14 Pro Max repaired by the experts at Infinite Loop


    41mm, 45mm


    Replacement Battery

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