• Ltd Company only

    • No I am not a business customer

      no £0.00

    • Yes I am a Ltd comoany

      Yes £0.00

  • Select Model

    • 14

      14 £0.00

    • 14 Plus

      14 Plus £0.71

  • Select Colour

    • Purple

      Purple £0.00

    • Starlight

      Starlight £0.00

    • Yellow

      Yellow £0.00

    • Red

      Red £0.00

    • Black

      black £0.00

    • Blue

      Blue £0.00

  • Select Capacity

    • 128GB

      128 £0.00

    • 256GB

      256 £0.78

    • 512GB

      512 £2.35

  • Select ownership. Price will range between £1.41 and £2.28 depending on capacity chosen. Once you submit quote we will confirm weekly cost.

    • Hand back at end of lease or upgrade

      No £0.00

    • Own at end of lease.

      Yes £0.00

  • Warranty

    • 1 Year manufacturer

      No £0.00

    • 3 Year TotalCare

      Yes £1.57

  • Protection Pro

    • Protection Pro is a film that we apply to the device that protects it from scratches and other damage

      No £0.00

    • No, I like to live dangerously

      No £0.00

    • Yes, Protect this beautiful phone

      Yes £0.31

  • Trade-in

    • No I don't have anything to trade-in

      No £0.00

    • Yes I have a phone to trade-in

      Yes £0.00

Per week ex VAT. 36 months. Other terms available upon request £4.98

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Lease iPhone 14


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Per week ex VAT. 36 months. Other terms available upon request -

Lease iPhone 15 from £5.70 per week

Are you looking to Lease iPhone 15 from Infinite Loop? It couldn’t be easier. Select and customise your products, submit your quote request, and wait for approval. The majority of requests get a credit decision within 24 hours. Once approved, equipment will be with you within 24 to 48 hours.
Ownership. Choose between owning at the end of the lease or handing back and upgrading. You can upgrade to new equipment after 2 years.
Warranty. Choose between the 1 year Apple warranty which will require you to return the product to Apple in the even of failure, or TotalCare from Infinite Loop which will give you total cost of ownership over the three years. Knowing that if something goes wrong, we will collect your machine and repair it at no additional cost. We will also provide you with a loan machine while yours is being repaired. You will also benefit from unlimited telephone and remote support from our highly experienced team.
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Purple, Gold, Silver, Black


128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB


1 year manufacturer warranty, 3 Years TotalCare including loan equipment