Mac Repair

We fix most Apple devices and we fix them faster and cheaper than Apple (most of the time)

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Sending your precious Apple devices off to a random stranger can be, well… a little daunting. We know it is important for you to know who is dealing with your machine, so Will, the owner of Infinite Loop wanted to create this short video to reassure you that you are in safe hands!

Apple are great, but have you tried getting an appointment at the Genius bar recently..?

Apple are great, we love Apple, but have you tried getting an appointment at the genius bar recently? Chances are we can fix it faster, and cheaper than Apple can! That’s because we fix things down to component level. That’s right, we actually get a soldering iron out and replace faulty component rather than replacing the whole board.

Here are some more reasons why you should choose Infinite Loop to fix your Mac

Free Diagnostic service

Totally free diagnostic service.

Over 33 years experience

We started working on Macs just 5 years after the first Macintosh was released, I think it is safe to say we are veterans in the business.

Nationwide service

We can collect your Apple device anywhere in the country, and we will drop it back again when it is fixed, all free of charge.

Component level repairs

Unlike the Apple Store, we fix logic boards and graphics cards to component level, this results in significant cost saving to you.

Fast turnaround

Express options are available, so if you need your Mac back within 48-72 hours, chances are we can do it.

All work guaranteed

All repairs come with a 6 month warranty, thats 3 months longer than Apple repairs.You can extend this up to 3 years.