Apple Releases iOS 18: An Groundbreaking Update Loaded with Connectivity, Intelligence, and Customisation

With an emphasis on customisation, connectivity, and intelligence, Apple has officially revealed the features of iOS 18, which represents a substantial improvement in the capabilities of the iPhone. With the introduction of numerous new features, this significant release aims to enhance the iPhone user experience by making it more intelligent, efficient, and personalised than before.

Increased Control and Customisation

iOS 18 provides never-before-seen levels of customisation:

– The lock screen and home screen: With the newly revamped Control Centre, users can now freely organise apps and widgets, personalise the Lock Screen buttons, and access additional features.

– Control Centre: Its redesign for increased accessibility includes a new controls gallery for customisation and the ability for users to import controls from other apps.

New Look for Photos App

The Photos app gets the biggest makeover to date:

– Unified View: New collections and a simplified single view facilitate browsing.

– Adjustment: Users can take use of a new carousel view with highlights that play automatically by pinning collections.

Innovations in Messaging

iMessage receives multiple dynamic updates:

– Text Effects and Formatting: To improve conversations, new animated text effects and formatting choices like strikethrough, bold, and underline are available.

– Messages over Satellite: Allows text and emoji exchange over satellite links for communication in situations where cellular or Wi-Fi service is unavailable.

Enhancements for Mail and Safari

– Mail: With a new digest view for easy scanning, on-device intelligence sorts emails into Primary, Transactions, Updates, and Promotions.

– Safari: Redesigned Reader mode allows for distraction-free reading; machine learning highlights important webpage content.

Announcing Apple Apple Intelligence

Launched as a personal intelligence system, Apple Intelligence works smoothly with iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia:

– Writing capabilities: Text rewriting, editing, and summarising capabilities available across the entire system.

– Image Playground: Makes it simple for users to create animated photos and memories.

– Enhanced Siri: Supporting both speech and written interactions, Siri is now more contextually aware and natural.

New Security and Privacy Features

Apple is still committed to protecting user privacy with iOS 18:

– Locked and Hidden Apps: To improve privacy, users have the option to lock and hide apps.

– Selective Contact Sharing: Users can decide which contacts to share with which apps.

Extra Features

Maps: Offline access and new trekking routes.

– Gaming: Switch to the Game Mode for more responsive accessories and fluid gaming.

– Apple Pay: Tap to Cash offers new ways to use Apple Cash and redeem rewards.

– AirPods: Enhanced latency and call quality along with Personalised Spatial Audio.

– Notes and Calendar: Integrated reminders and fast maths solutions have been improved.

– Health App: Updated insights on pregnant health and Medical ID design.

– SOS for emergencies: Share live videos to improve emergency response.


iOS 18’s developer beta is currently accessible, and a public beta is scheduled to launch next month. The official release, compatible with iPhone Xs and later, is scheduled for autumn. Certain devices and areas will get access to beta versions of Apple Intelligence features.