Apple Intelligence: The Customised AI Future for iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Apple Intelligence, a novel personal intelligence system that offers consumers extremely relevant and helpful insights, was presented by Apple today. It seamlessly mixes generative AI models with personal context. Deeply ingrained in iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, Apple Intelligence makes use of Apple silicon to improve job management, language comprehension, and image creation while also introducing Private Cloud Compute, a new level of privacy.

Transforming Daily Tasks

With the introduction of new system-wide writing tools, Apple Intelligence alters daily interactions. Now, users can quickly rewrite, edit, and condense text in Mail, Notes, Pages, and other apps. With features like Rewrite and Proofread, writing becomes more confident and tailored to any audience, while Summarise offers concise recaps of selected text. Rewrite and Proofread enable writers to write more confidently and specifically for any audience, while Summarise provides succinct summaries of a chosen material.

In Mail, urgent emails are highlighted in the Priority Messages section, and inbox management is made simpler with summaries that offer concise message overviews. Users may stay focused on what really important by using Smart Reply and Priority Notifications, which further streamline communication.

Expressive and Enjoyable Image Creation

Apple Intelligence offers innovative methods for creating and sharing photographs with Image Playground. Animated, illustrated, or sketched graphics can be created by users directly in applications such as Notes, Keynote, Messages, and more.

Apple Intelligence presents new and fascinating ways to create and share photographs with Image Playground. Animated, illustrated, or sketched graphics can be created by users directly in applications such as Pages, Keynote, Messages, Notes, and Freeform. Personalised emojis can be made with the new Genmoji functionality, giving messages and reactions a distinctive look.

Improved Images and Videos Search

With natural language search capabilities, Apple Intelligence improves photo and video management and makes it easier for users to locate particular moments. While Memories allows users to build personalised stories from their data, complete with suggested tunes from Apple Music, the new Clean Up tool helps users eliminate distracting objects from images.

A More Intelligent Siri

With the help of Apple Intelligence, Siri can now have richer, more relevant conversations. Siri may be spoken to or typed to, and it can remember context for repeated requests and offer thorough assistance for questions pertaining to certain devices. Siri is now an even more useful helper because to its updated appearance and better integration into the system.

Unmatched Security and Privacy

With its cutting-edge Private Cloud Compute and on-device processing, Apple Intelligence puts the privacy of its users first. Complex queries are handled securely thanks to this hybrid technique, which processes data on Apple silicon servers without exposing or retaining it.

ChatGPT Integration

Additionally, Apple announced the addition of ChatGPT to its platforms, boosting the AI’s ability to recognise images and spoken language. Through Siri and Apple’s Writing Tools, users can access ChatGPT, which offers privacy safeguards like hidden IP addresses and optional account linkage for users.


This autumn, Apple Intelligence will be free to download in beta for iOS 18, iPadOS 18, and macOS Sequoia, with the initial release available in U.S. English. Apple devices with M1 and later, as well as the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, will be supported.