WWDC 2024: A Leap into the Future with AI-Driven Innovations and Major Software Updates


WWDC 2024, scheduled to begin on June 10, is shaping up to be a major event with significant announcements across Apple’s software and hardware lineup. Here’s a detailed look at what to expect:

iOS 18:

One of the most revolutionary releases for Apple’s mobile operating system is likely to be iOS 18. Important characteristics consist of:

  • AI Integration: Major advancements in AI are anticipated, especially with Siri. The update is expected to provide AI-powered text summary, playlist creation in Apple Music, and message authoring.
  • Rich Communication Services (RCS) communications functionality: iOS 18 will enhance cross-platform communications between iPhone and Android users by adding RCS messaging functionality to the Messages app.
  • Home Screen Customisation: With increased freedom over home screen layouts, users would be able to add white space between app icons, which would be similar to some of Android’s customisation choices.
  • Enhanced Apps: It is anticipated that built-in apps including Notes, Mail, Photos, and Fitness would receive updates. Features like customisable routes and topographic maps may be included in Apple Maps.

macOS 15:

  • AI improvements are among the capabilities that MacOS 15 and iOS 18 are probably going to share. The precise moniker is still a mystery, although possible titles include Redwood, Sequoia, and Diablo, carrying on Apple’s custom of titling macOS releases after famous California landmarks.

iPadOS 18:

  • Despite the lack of specific leaks, it is anticipated that iPadOS 18 will include many of the new features of iOS 18, which are designed to take advantage of the iPad’s larger screen and multitasking capabilities.

watchOS 11:

  • WatchOS 11 updates may be more gradual, concentrating on enhanced performance and new health capabilities like sleep apnea detection and hypertension detection. But this update will probably also include AI features.

visionOS 2:

  • There will probably be improvements made to the visionOS follow-up, which debuted with the Vision Pro headset, with the goal of enhancing the user experience and increasing functionality.

The HomePod Software 18 and tvOS 18:

  • It is anticipated that updates to HomePod Software 18 and tvOS 18 will follow the more extensive AI and usability enhancements observed in other Apple platforms

Potential Announcements for Hardware:

  • While WWDC is largely a software event, new hardware has occasionally been unveiled there as well. Updates to the Mac lineup are possible this year, especially for the Mac Studio, Mac mini, and Mac Pro with the new M3 CPUs. But as of yet, no specific hardware rumours have been verified.

Event Details:

  • With a special in-person event at Apple Park on the opening day, WWDC 2024 will take place online from June 10 to June 14. A number of developer sessions, the Apple Design Awards, the State of the Union, and the keynote address will all be featured during the conference.


Apple’s WWDC 2024 is expected to be a historic occasion, highlighting significant developments in AI technology throughout its ecosystem. The upcoming releases of iOS 18, macOS 15, and iPadOS 18 are predicted to bring about major advancements in productivity, cross-platform capability, and user experience. Apple’s gadgets are expected to become more intuitive and user-friendly with the addition of AI-assisted features, customisable home screen settings, and enhanced Siri capabilities.

Apple’s emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI) demonstrates the company’s dedication to remaining at the forefront of technological advancement and delivering more intelligent and smooth device interactions for its users. The addition of RCS to iOS 18 improves the accessibility and interoperability of Apple’s messaging platform and is a step towards improved communication standards.

Apple’s strategy for innovation is exemplified by the little but significant updates to watchOS 11 and visionOS 2, as well as by possible announcements of new hardware. This method encompasses both software and hardware innovations.

All things considered, WWDC 2024 looks to be a significant occasion that will further Apple’s commitment to improving user experience with innovative technology and strong developer support. This dedication not only helps Apple’s large user base but also gives developers the tools they need to produce even more complex and connected applications.