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Select formerly Stormfront Closes in Sutton Coldfield

In recent years, the landscape of technology retail in Sutton Coldfield underwent a significant transformation with the transition of Stormfront to Select. Stormfront, once a flagship destination for Apple enthusiasts and tech aficionados, rebranded itself as Select in an effort to adapt to the changing dynamics of the retail and technology sectors. This transformation was not merely cosmetic but represented a strategic pivot in the way technology products and services were offered to the local community.

Stormfront to Select: A Strategic Evolution

Stormfront carved out a niche for itself by providing an unparalleled range of Apple products, from the latest iPhones to MacBooks, along with a myriad of accessories to enhance the user experience. The store was not just about selling products; it was about creating an environment where customers could engage with technology on a deeper level. This included personalised setup services, product demonstrations, and after-sales support that went beyond the transactional nature of retail.

As Select, the store sought to build on Stormfront’s legacy by broadening its product range and services. The idea was to cater to a wider audience while still maintaining the high level of customer service and expertise that Stormfront was known for. Services such as in-store workshops, technical support sessions, and community events were designed to keep the community engaged and informed about the latest technological advancements.

The Closure of Select and the Rise of Infinite Loop

Despite the strategic efforts to adapt and evolve, Select in Sutton Coldfield has closed its doors, leaving a gap in the local tech retail market. However, as one door closes, another opens with Infinite Loop in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter. Infinite Loop aims to fill the void left by Select, offering a fresh perspective on technology retail with a strong focus on community, expertise, and service.

The Legacy Continues with Infinite Loop

Infinite Loop is set to offer a wide range of products and services that cater to the needs of both Apple loyalists and tech enthusiasts in general. The store plans to offer:

  • A Broad Product Spectrum: Beyond the latest Apple gadgets, Infinite Loop will provide a variety of technology products, ensuring that customers have access to a comprehensive tech ecosystem. As well as offering the latest and greatest Apple has to offer, we also provide a wide range of refurbished products.
  • Expert Advice and Support: Building on the community-centric approach of Stormfront and Select, Infinite Loop offer expert advice, one-on-one support, and personalised product setup to ensure customers not only purchase the right product but also know how to get the most out of it. We have been assisting Apple users for 33 years, we are pretty great at it.
  • Community Engagement: Recognising the importance of community, Infinite Loop intends to host workshops, tech talks, and product launches, creating a space where tech enthusiasts can come together, share ideas, and explore the latest innovations.

As we look to the future with Infinite Loop, it’s important to remember and appreciate the journey from Stormfront to Select. This evolution reflects the ever-changing nature of technology and retail, emphasising the need for businesses to adapt and grow. Infinite Loop, with its commitment to service, community, and innovation, stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of its predecessors, promising a new era of technology retail in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter.

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