Upgrade your Apple business devices

When to replace your business Apple devices


Laptops are super important for loads of businesses, especially with everyone working remotely and collaborating online these days. But here’s the thing: laptops aren’t immortal. Over time, they start to feel sluggish, outdated, or just plain unreliable. So, when’s the right time to say goodbye to your old laptops and get some shiny new ones? And why should you bother upgrading anyway? Well, let’s chat about that and also how you can make upgrading your laptops easy peasy by leasing from Infinite Loop.

How long do Apple laptops last?

So, how long can you expect a laptop to stick around? Well, it depends on a bunch of stuff like brand, usage, and how well you look after it. But generally, most laptops are good for about four to five years. After that, you might start noticing stuff like:

  • Battery not holding its charge as well
  • Sluggish performance
  • Not playing nice with new software
  • Crashing more often
  • Getting hot or noisy
  • Screen getting messed up
  • Keyboard and trackpad wearing out
  • Security risks popping up

All these issues can mess with your productivity and drive you nuts. So, it’s smart to keep an eye on your laptops and swap them out when they start causing headaches.

The benefits of upgrading your Apple devices.

Upgrading your MacBooks can bring a bunch of perks, like:

  • Faster, more reliable performance
  • Cool new features and gizmos
  • Better security and compatibility
  • Happier staff and less turnover
  • A leg up on the competition

How to upgrade with Infinite Loop

So, what’s the easiest way to get your hands on some fresh MacBooks? Leasing from Infinite Loop, of course! These guys are pros at leasing MacBooks and sorting out IT stuff for all kinds of businesses. Here’s why you should check them out:

  • It won’t break the bank: Instead of dropping loads of cash upfront, you can spread the cost with a low monthly fee. Plus, it’s tax-efficient.
  • Quick and easy: No waiting around for ages. Just apply online or give them a call, and you could have your new MacBook in no time.
  • Loads of choice: They’ve got all the Apple range, MacBooks, iMacs, iPhones, iPads, Mac Minis and Mac Studios 
  • They’ve got your back: Don’t stress about maintenance or repairs. Infinite Loop takes care of it all, and they’ll even lend you a laptop if yours needs fixing.
  • Hit up their blogs: If you want to learn more about laptops and other tech stuff, check out their blogs for heaps of useful info.

So, if your Apple devices are starting to feel a bit past their prime, it might be time to upgrade. And leasing from Infinite Loop could be just the ticket. Give them a shout or check out their website to find out more.

How to lease from Infinite Loop

  1. Initiate contact: Reach out via phone, email, or online form, outlining your organisational requisites.
  2. Customise your plan: Tailor your plan by selecting optional add-ons such as insurance, warranties, or training modules, before proceeding to digitally sign the contract.
  3. Receipt of equipment: Within a short turnaround time, Infinite Loop delivers and installs the requisite IT equipment, configuring software, networks, and security features to your specifications.
  4. Enjoy uninterrupted service: With your IT requirements duly met, you can operate confidently, secure in the knowledge that Infinite Loop stands ready to provide assistance whenever needed.

Infinite Loop simplifies the complexities of IT management, enabling you to devote your energies to core business pursuits.

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