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At Infinite Loop, we have 30 years experiencing helping and advising Apple users. We take time to get to know them and their businesses. This allows us to give them accurate and targeted advice.

Sarah Moss

We asked Sarah a series of questions that you can read below.

Hi Sarah, tell me a little about yourself and Sarah Moss Design. What is your background and how long have you run your business?

I have run Sarah Moss Design since July 2009 when we merged two companies, we actually had two companies from September 1999. I came from an agency background, where I met Peter who was providing freelance work for one of the agencies I worked for. I did some work outside of this and that’s when I decided to have a go on my own.


Who are your clients?
Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing and Printers

What do love about your job?

Being given free license to come up with ideas for clients who dont know what they want and put their trust in me.

What do you hate about your job?

Clients that say they dont know what they want and then, when you submit designs, they quite clearly know they dont want what you have put together!

Why do you use Apple products in your business?

Reliable, seamless transition between devices, fast , efficient….shall i go on!

How do you find Apple products make your job easier?

See above

How long have you used Infinite Loop/FixMyBrokenMac to look after your Apple IT needs

Only recently when I met Will at a BNI networking event

What is the advantage of using a small independent like Infinite Loop as opposed to going to the Apple Store.

Personal service, you’re not just another number 

Were Infinite Loop helpful with helping you to decide to upgrade your hardware, and if so, how?

Very helpful. and knowledgeable 

Would you recommend Infinite Loop 

Absolutely, yes.

Below is the testimonial Sarah wrote for us 

I recently had the pleasure of purchasing my new Mac from Infinite Loop, and I am absolutely thrilled with the exceptional service I received.

Will Woodhouse took the time to understand my needs and preferences, guiding me through the selection process with patience and expertise. He provided valuable insights into the various Mac models, helping me make an informed decision that perfectly suited my requirements.

Not only was the purchasing process seamless, but the after-sales service was equally impressive. It’s clear that Infinite Loop values its customers and strives to provide an outstanding experience.

I highly recommend Infinite Loop to anyone in search of a new Mac. The level of professionalism, product knowledge, and customer care exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Infinite Loop, for making my Mac purchase a delightful and stress-free experience!
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