iPhone 15 Pro Cracks Easily

The new iPhone 15 Pro has been available for less than 4 days and already dogged with a controversy over its fragility.

Whenever a new iPhone comes out, social media influencers flock to buy the phone and then endeavour to do ‘drop tests’. At the announcement of the new phones, Apple made a big deal about how cheap it now was to replace the back glass, $200. Speculation is that this was because Apple knew how prone to damage it was.

You can watch one fo these drop tests here  

The Solution

Protect your devices with Protection Pro by Madico banner

We have been selling a product called Protection Pro for a while now, and this stuff is amazing! It is a thin film that is applied to either the front or back of the phone and is quite frankly amazing. Read our blog here and watch the video of us hitting a protected iPhone with a hammer. The phone is undamaged.

So protect your new iPhone 15 Pro now by booking an appointment with us to have Protection Pro applied and save yourself a $200 repair. 

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