iPhone 15 & Watch Ultra 2

iPhone 15 & Apple Watch Ultra 2

Well, it’s that time of year again, Apple release their latest goodies for us all to drool over. Well now the dust has settled and we have all calmed down, lets take a look at what’s been announced and discuss whether upgrading is right for you.

First Up, The iPhone 15

Apple iPhone 15 Lineup

Well no suprises here, following on from the iPhone 14, we have the 15 and 15 Plus. Basically the 15 has the same specs as last years Pro models. So lets get into it


The 15 comes with a 6.1″ XDR display and the 15 Plus a 6.7″ XDR display.


Bothe models come with 128, 256, or 512GB options 


The A16 is last years top of the range processor, its more than enough for most people.


a 48MP main camera, a 12MP wide angle and a 12MP selfie camera. 2 x optical zoom.


The 15 starts at £799 and the 15 Plus £899. Add £100 for the 256GB option and £300 for the 512GB.

iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro

The 15 Pro & Pro Max are Apple’s top of the line mobiles, they have the best camera and a new premium construction made from titanium.

So let’s get into the nitty gritty.


No change from last years 14 Pros, the 14 Pro has a 6.1 XDR 460 ppi screen and the Pro Max is  6.7″


Both phone come in a very premium looking titanium. 4 colours are available, natural titanium, blue, white or black. One advantage of titanium is that it is lighter. It is noticeably lighter even though we are only talking about 10g. The brushed titanium finish doesn’t show up fingerprints so much.


Apple, with some encouragement from the EU has finally made the switch to USB-C. This means if you are a pro user, you can transfer photos and videos faster to your MacBook. You can also charge things like your iPods by connecting a USB-C cable between the two. If you need any USB-C cables you can get them from our store (they’re cheaper than from the Apple Store)


Main camera is 48MP but there is now a 5 x zoom (but only on the Pro Max). Due to an ingenious prism design, the camera doesn’t stick out any more than the 14 Pro’s camera and they manage to have an aperture of only 2.8.

Action button

The old mute switch is gone, replaced with a user programmable action button. You can have it launch the camera, or any other app. A long press will mute the phone.


The 15 Pro starts at £999 for the 128GB version. The Pro Max starts at £1199 for the 256GB model.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Apple Watch Ultra 2

Were you excited for the Watch Ultra 2? Well I’d imagine you were disappointed as there weren’t many changes at all. Bascially they made the screen a 1/3 brighter but the Ultra 1 was already twice as bright as the Apple Watch Series 8. They have also increased the storage capacity to 64GB up from 32GB. Pricing remains the same at £799. Construction is more enviromentally friendly but essetially those are the only changes .

Should you upgrade?

For iPhone  11 & 12 users or earlier, the upgrade is probably worth it. The cameras have improved significantly as have the screens. If you want to upgrade, we will be happy to purchase your old phone. For example, if you have a 13 Pro with 256GB we would give you £450 towards your new phone 

Remember we sell both new and refurbished phones so why not give us a call to discuss buying or leasing a new phone from Infinite Loop.