Protect your iphone & Apple ID from this security vulnerability

iOS & Apple ID Security Vulnerability

Recently the Wallstreet Journal ran a story reporting on iPhone thefts that resulted in major financial loss, and loss of access to their Apple ID. The scam goes something like this.

Thieves, normally working in teams will observe you, normally in a bar or a restaurant. They will watch you enter your pin, or wait to for you to put your phone down unlocked. They will then change your pin. Once they have done this they can then reset your AppleID password locking you out of your account to see how this works in more details watch this video

How to protect yourself

  1. Open settings and Screentime

  2. select content and privacy restrictions

  3. Under allow changes section,  change passcode and account changes to ‘don’t allow’

  4. setup a seperate screentime passcode (one that you will remember) write this down if necessary 

This now means that anyone who knows your primary pin won’t be allowed to reset your AppleID or passcode. Job done

While we are at it, lets cover some iPhone security basics.

Touch ID & Face ID

Obviously, not using a pin is the preferable option here so make sure you are using Touch or Face ID whenever possible.

Your PIN

Try and use at least a 6 digit pin, one that contains numbers and letters is the most secure, but as with all things security you have to balance convenience with security.

As with anything Apple related, if you are unsure or need assistance, give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist