Apple Liquid Damage

Apple Liquid Damage: Water Damage Restoration

Liquid damage is something that we’ve all become more and more accustomed to as technology has become intimately attached to our daily routines. iPhones, MacBooks, iPads and iMacs are all prone to water damage. Whether you’ve spilt a hot cup of fresh black coffee and felt your heart drop as you see it cover everything on your desk or submerged your new Apple device in the bath whilst trying to watch your favourite TV show – you may be looking for some guidance on how to save your precious new device from the point of no return.

Water damage restoration is possible, depending on how bad the damage is, but it’s important you know how best to react in order to save your liquid-damaged Apple device. At Infinite Loop, we’re experts in all things Apple – especially repairs – and this blog will keep you in the loop on what you need to know in regard to your liquid-damaged Apple device.

Apple Liquid Damage: What Not to Do

Before we get into some specific advice for different types of Apple products, it would be wise for us to highlight a few things you shouldn’t do after your iPhone, MacBook, iPad or iMac suffers liquid damage.

  1. Don’t turn on the device or fiddle with any of the buttons. This may cause issues and lead to the interior of the phone being exposed to more water.
  2. Don’t use a hairdryer or other heating device to try and dry your Apple device.
  3. Don’t use any chemicals or cleaning solutions on your Apple device.
  4. Don’t try to open or disassemble the device yourself. Only experts should be doing this, such as our team at Infinite Loop.
  5. Despite the age-old tale of this being a sure-fire solution, please, don’t put your Apple device in rice. It doesn’t help and can cause further, more serious damage.

Those are our main five tips on what not to do if your Apple device has been a victim of liquid damage. Instead of attempting any of the above, you should immediately turn off the device, wipe off excess liquid, unplug everything and take it to the professionals for repair. Water damage restoration isn’t simple, so be sure to take precautionary measures to avoid it raining chaos on your day.

Macbook Water Damage Restoration

You may be wondering exactly how to fix your MacBook that’s suffered from water damage. Whilst it depends on the type of liquid spilt, there are several things you can do. Make sure the device is switched off, unplug all attached peripherals, move the MacBook to a dry place, absorb all the liquid on the inside and leave it for a minimum of 48 hours to dry out. After this, there’s no doubt you should take it to a professional repair shop so that the experts can assess the damage. You can read our full guide on what to do with your liquid-damaged MacBook here.

iPhone Water Damage Restoration

There’s an easy way to check for iPhone water damage if you’re not sure how bad the problem is. However, only do this once the iPhone is dry, not when wet. You can check the liquid contact indicator or LCI. On models after the iPhone 4s, the LCI can be found in the same slot where the sim card is kept. Pop open the sim tray with a paperclip or similar item and then hold your iPhone with the screen facing down. Now, use a flashlight and look inside – a red LCI shows that your iPhone has come into contact with liquid, and it will need to be repaired. iPhone liquid damage repair is now very common. To ensure the best chance of a full recovery, there are still a few important measures to enact.

Similarly to MacBook water damage restoration, after the iPhone first comes into contact with water make sure to remove any liquid from the outside of your iPhone, remove the SIM card, lay the iPhone on a flat surface and wait for any water to evaporate. This is where we come in, as you should then get it checked by experts.

iPad Water Damage Restoration

Has your iPad suffered water damage? As with water damage on many Apple products, the fate of your iPad heavily relies on whether any liquid has entered inside the product, or whether it’s simply sat on the surface. Once liquid gets inside your Apple device, the potential for corrosion increases significantly. If you’re not sure how bad the damage is, here’s what to do:

  • Using a clean and dry cloth, carefully wipe down the iPad, making sure to clean all ports and the edges of the screen. If the iPad is in a case, remove it.
  • If the device is powered on, turn it off. If it’s suspended, leave it suspended.
  • Place the iPad with the home button facing downwards and let it sit for a minimum of 24 hours, the longer it sits, the better the chance of recovery.

If this doesn’t work, your next step is to take the water-damaged iPad to a repair shop where an expert can look inside the device for you and assess the extent of the damage.

iMac Water Damage Restoration

Due to their size and stature, the likelihood of your iMac suffering from liquid damage is lower than that of other Apple devices. However, it’s still possible – especially if you have the mouse or wireless trackpad on your desk. As with other Apple products, we highly recommend taking every precaution possible to try and save your precious product. Use a microfibre cloth to dry any liquid on the surface and then contact experts to fully evaluate the damage.

If the Liquid Spilt Contains Sugar

There’s an important caveat we need to cover, sugar. If the liquid spilt contains sugar we don’t advise leaving your Apple device to dry for 48 hours. Liquid damage is progressive, only more so when sugar is involved. If a sugary drink has been spilt, we highly recommend taking it to an expert straightaway to minimise the amount of damage that can be done.

Data Recovery After Liquid Damage

If your Mac, iPhone or iPad has suffered serious liquid damage to the point that it cannot be repaired, there is still a chance that the data can be recovered. In all their wisdom, Apple has now decided to solder all the storage to the motherboard, the only option for data recovery is get the board back into a working state. This is something we do regularly, so all is not lost.

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That finishes our guide to water damage restoration for liquid-damaged Apple products. Despite the products being different, many of the processes you should follow remain similar. It’s important to remember exactly what not to do, as trying to take matters into your own hands may lead to further damage. If you’re unsure of the best steps to take or want to speak to the experts about a potential repair, call us on 0121 296 9996 or send an email to